Why so many gay men take things personally?

gay-dating-sexWhen you live in a world that works by the principle that thin people, tall people, rich people or good looking men and women are most famous, successful and even more happy, is impossible to not take it personally whenever you hear someone talk in certain ways about people that have weight issues, or don’t have proportions that fit into the perfect criteria.

The world is filled with all kind of people : fat, skinny, tall, slim, beautiful, each one having specific feature like : small, green, blue, brown eyes, big ears, long eyebrows, skinny fingers, skinny legs and the list can go on. We are all the same, no matter what religion we have, no matter what sexual orientation, weight, height, talents, likes or dislikes we have.

Nowadays, even love isn’t easy. Love is supposed to be about two people that fall in love and period. But no, because most people live by the criteria that a skinny man should be with a skinny woman, a fat man with a fat woman, people with disabilities are meant to share love with their kind and there can be so many other examples. Because of sexual orientation, we aren’t even usual people. We are straight people, gay people, lesbian people and there formed even communities and the best example is the LGBT community that includes gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, intersex people and the ones that are questioning their sexuality. And I’m wondering why? Why it can’t just be love? Why there can’t be just people that fall in love? For example I’m fatter than my boyfriend. I can really say that he is skinny, not slim . So what? Do you think that I’m not happy? Oh trust me, I am. Because all it matters is that you are a healthy person that enjoys life in it’s all forms. And I take personally when I hear someone talking ugly about someone with a few pounds extra, or about someone that is too thin, or has a strange haircut or else. For example when we talk about LGBT dating we know that we talk about men dating men, women dating women, and all the others that form this community.

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And I always wondered why is stranger to see two men dating, than seeing two women doing the same thing? After all a date is a date; you go out, you eat, you drink, you take a walk and all other thing that people do o dates. But we have to be real and recognize that for two men to date is not such an easy thing to do. So, is normally for them to feel like being judged sometimes because some people do that. Is not so awkward to see two women kissing, but it is when it comes to guys. A kiss is a kiss dear so you have to enjoy it and don’t care about people that have a small thinking. I know that you gay men take it personally, because you are judged for all that you are; from the way you talk, you walk, you act and many other things and you always had to fight for your right to be yourself, but trust me you shouldn’t. You are not the problem. Did you see that there are lots of gay stylists, actors, footballers? You are all awesome. Not for being gay, just for being a person. So all those gay men, lesbian women, straight couples let me give you some dating tips. Go out and have fun!  Is the best tip ever. You are a person and there a lot to do for fun out here.

What you have to understand is that it’s okay to not have a perfect body, it’s okay to not have a lot of money, it’s okay to be skinny, fat, it’s okay to be gay, because it’s okay to love whoever you want.

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Posted by Michael M. Bowling