Swing: Appearance and how did it spread

londonsexswingAs a form of sexual activity, swing existed since ancient times. We know, for example, in ancient Greek, sources describing the swing as an act of sexual pleasures. But even then, the swing was not occupied as a private. Swing practiced minority of people who have been deprived of prejudice. In Russia, the swing came from Europe, and in Europe – from the U.S.  Many people do not think very about swing as something special. The story of swing has more than one decade, and the swing was a fairly common form of family entertainment.

Hippies were the top practical movement that practiced swing and were saying that it is the sex of the future. They saved the world from AIDS, according to swingers but this is just one of many theories, an assumption. Today, swing is a real entertainment. Fans have opened clubs even in Canada. Clubs for swingers London have thousands people every month. Other major cities organize parties as well.

The number of those who have tried it is increasing by 1 percent every year. Sociologists believe that this sex innovation spreads faster in metropolitan areas because they have higher fragmentation of people, and the swing is perceived by some as a form of communication. But as a movement, the swing has not fully matured.

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Swinger clubs London have a variety of entertainment programs that won’t leave unsatisfied even the old school couples. Almost every city has a place where people are gathering to have mass orgies or a place where you can just contact other couples and arrange a meeting. This is not that simple as you may think. Before you even start looking for partners in London, you should talk to your partner first. What he or she thinks about your idea? Maybe your partner has something to offer? Only after you both find one approach to your problem or fantasy only then you may start looking for the match. Remember that the best partner couple or solo mate will the one that has no idea who you are. With friends you may feel uncomfortable or even shy, and that could lead to unsatisfied sex or no sex at all. Before you try swing, try a threesome. If you want to please your woman find another guy and do MWM. But if you don’t feel confident enough then do a MWW. This information will help at first steps to become a swinger.

Posted by Michael M. Bowling