Qualities of Women that Attract Men

It is a common stereotype that men go after looks. It is not so, well, it is only partially so. Several other characteristics grab and keep male attention. Some of the things that attract men can seem not appealing to you. Below are just some of the top ones.
Confidence is what makes any woman extremely attractive. These women are not dependant on men and their opinion as they are happy with themselves. If you have any problems in your life or troublesome areas, you need to work on their improvement. First of all, it is what you need and not a man. At the same time it will raise your confidence and self-esteem. Always be proud of who you are, what you do and what you have achieved in your life, never under-estimate yourself.
Sexual compatibility is one of the key factors for the romantic relationship. Men like to see the way women react on them sexually, this allows them to estimate how you match them up. This aspect is not of a great importance at the first stage of the relationship, but in future it must be considered to avoid unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings.
Sense of humor is really one of the best characteristic that makes a woman attractive to a man. Your ability to take a joke and make jokes helps not only in making your relationship funnier and more exciting, but also helps handling many hard situations the life has to offer. If you feel you need to improve this side in yourself, spend more time with people, whom you consider to have a great sense of humor. Things will improve fast.
Intelligence is vital for men. Only beauty is not enough for them. Men want to see a partner, whom they are able to discuss different topics with. A woman with enough knowledge becomes an interesting life companion.
Great personality makes men weak in front of the women. This implies being open, honest, be a good listener, take care of yourself, be helpful and be a good person overall.

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Posted by Michael M. Bowling