Is On-line Zhitomir Dating for you



Besides the cases when both partners are American citizens, the most common Eastern European countries from where ladies get married to American citizens are: Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Moldova, etc.

Unfortunately, mass media focuses only on bad experiences. Why? Negative news sells well. In the present article we will have a look at some common negative views and stereotypes of on-line Zhitomir dating.  

False: On-line dating is only for needy, desperate people and losers.

True: The majority of Ukrainian ladies and foreign men that register at Ukrainian dating sites have good education, lead active social life, career, are sincere and honest people seeking for serious relationship and future marriage.

False: International on-line dating is not safe. It is connected to many nightmare stories. Most of Eastern European women are gold diggers and scammers.

True: You have probably heard many of the nightmare stories about people, who have met locally at the bar you know well. Haven’t you heard the stories about frauds and gold diggers in your country? Well bad stories happen from time to time in any country with people of different nationalities, but it is mass media that makes them so popular. Statistics shows that most Russian and Ukrainian gold diggers presented by mass media, are even not from Russia or Ukraine. There are many cases when American men use the pictures of beautiful Slavic women to scam other men from wealthy countries. To be safe from any sort of scamming, just never send your money to the people you hardly know.

False: People get embarrassed to tell their relatives and friends where they met their special someone.

True: Just think why people do not get ashamed to say they have met each other in the bar drinking? It doesn’t really matter where you have met each other: on-line, bar, or maybe even church. The most important part is you have met your special person and you two are happy together. There are plenty of couples who have met by means of internet. It is a very spread way of meeting soul mates in present day. So, you shouldn’t be ashamed of your Zhitomir dating experience.

False: Ukrainian girls misrepresent themselves in their personal ads.

True: You need to know that, if you use a reliable dating site, all the ladies’ profiles are checked by the administration of the site. Thus, you can be sure the profile details are true. Still, the rest depends on a person. To avoid deception, you will have to go through some on-line dating education reading special articles and tips.


False: If someone sees my profile on a dating site, I would be very embarrassed.

True: In the internet you will see thousands of dating sites with millions of members. Consequently, you can judge your chances to be seen. Most likely, never! However, if someone sees you, it means he/she is in the same boat with you – also looking for a soul mate on-line.

Dating on the web is a healthy way of meeting people and finding the right person for a serous relationship leading to marriage in future. Ukrainian women are known for their outstanding beauty, education, intelligence, family focus and down-to-earth nature.  If you dream of a perfect partner and Ukrainian women with all their qualities are appealing to you, you should give it a try. Bear in mind that it is only you and your prejudices that stop you from meeting these amazing ladies and finding your only one. Your happiness is in your own hands. So, you better act not to let it slip away from you. Good luck!

Posted by Michael M. Bowling