How to know if someone is gay on Tinder by top 5 signs

Since Tinder is for all categories of singles, it makes sense to learn how to differ gay men from bi-curious or straight men out there. Here are some typical and non-typical ways of detecting.

  • Way too trendy. It isn’t only about fashion, it can also be about the most stylish tattoos, accessories, male makeup, hairstyle. Straight men just don’t go that far.
  • He’s winking a lot. It’s known gay men are more playful than heterosexual ones. If they wink a lot on their photos and in messages, it can easily be a sign as well.
  • His bio contains hints. If you’re good in reading behind the words, analyze the guy’s bio carefully. Use this post on speed date site and practice there. There can be unicorns or any other symbols interpreted as the hints.
  • Rainbow all over. Some guys don’t say this with words, they just put the rainbow symbol everywhere, from the corner of the photo to the bio and texts. Honest enough!
  • Focus on the butt. Muscled and tanned, tattooed or silky like a peach, the butt is considered an aesthetic body part in a gay society. If you see that on a photo, bingo!



Posted by Michael M. Bowling