How to keep a hookup going if it suits you well

Not all hookups are for one-night-stands, some are meant to last longer. But it depends on you how convincing and sexy you will be to keep your casual partner beside longer than it was planned.

  • Be open about their pros. It’s rather a mistake to never flatter someone who fully satisfies you. Let them know they’re more than ok and sex with them feels great.
  • Be flexible about your deals. If your hookup sees their conditions are always respected and you can adapt your schedule, your food habits, etc., they’ll keep you beside too.
  • Do not mention other hookups. There’s no place for jealousy in casual relationships, but still, too much sleeping around never helps to get excited about a person.
  • Keep cool, in a way. There is a balance between intriguing behaviour and total indifference. Look intriguing and not too much interested, but committed to satisfy.
  • Surprise your hookup sometimes. Meet up in new places they would like, suggest some fun roleplay. Remember you two are there for sex and it should be bright.

Posted by Michael M. Bowling