How to Determine if You are Ready for a Serious Relationship?

It is not a simple task to know for certain when you are ready for a serious relationship, at least not for everyone. However, at this or that period in our lives we face the moment when we consider we are ready. However, if the things go wrong, in many cases we become sad and even aggressive that is reflected on the person we are with. The worst thing is when we start blaming our partner for the things that failed. Below you will find some tips that will be helpful for you before you rush into the things that can turn quite different from what you have expected…
You are ready for a serious relationship in case:
You don’t feel comfortable and even get bored being in a company with people, who don’t care for lasting relations, no matter how interesting, attractive and intelligent they are.
You don’t feel like trusting people and sharing intimate things with those, whom you don’t plan to spend the rest of your life with.
The subject of your conversations is changed. You try to learn more about someone’s goals, values, plans and aspirations, character, etc.
You start feeling lonely most of the time. You can feel lonely even being with people, whom you don’t see your future with.
Looking for someone special sounds right and just great! You are not scared of this.
Being with someone, you care about, you enjoy dreaming about common future together and it is no longer a nightmare for you!
You start noticing couples around you, pay attention to nice homes, romantic evenings, journeys, vacations centered on the couple. You feel delight to have this time together from anyone else.
Well, you may think a bit different and not all of these points can be present on your list. However, the main idea is that a radical change happens in your emotions, feelings and thinking. These feelings are clear, stable and you look for an honest, open and committed day-to-day relationship.

Posted by Michael M. Bowling