Dating with Filipino ladies

Dating with Filipino ladiesI registered on your site in mid-April. I know that Anna created her profile around this time.

To be honest, at first, really, I was skeptical, but I liked the form of the questionnaire on your site that gave more detailed information about the person (for example, the nature of his activities or how a person himself can characterize himself or others).

Anna wrote to me first, inviting me to get acquainted. It was on the 18th of April. I do not remember exactly when she called me, but our first date was on April 25, in a very cozy French cafe (Michel).

Anna immediately attracted my attention. She was sociable, courteous, polite. In general, at the first acquaintance we could find a lot of topics for conversation. We were comfortable together. After the date, we called up and kept up an active correspondence. A few days later we realized that we wanted to see each other again. The weather was for a walk, and we went to the park. It was a terrific day!

Now we try to spend as much time together as possible, we really miss when we part even for a day. We are happy that your site helped us to get acquainted. We plan to spend our lives together.

On the pages of the website Filipino women dating  I found some interesting facts about what man’s traits are appreciated by a woman. And I would like to share this information with you.

  • Become a source of positive emotions. Positive emotions is the basis of communication with the girls. Women are very emotional beings, and your task is to create the maximum amount of positive emotions. Be original and come from a reverse. Most of the girls are invited to the cafe, and you ask her to go to the theater or to an exhibition. For greater effect, study interesting facts and stories related to this topic. Any girl will appreciate your erudition.
  • Be interested in her inner world. You should not ask primitive questions, what kind of music she prefers, what movies and so on. After asking a few general questions, you will understand what she does and what she is really interested in. And building on this knowledge, ask questions and develop a theme. You will increasingly discover her inner world. This behavior will cause a strong sympathy, because it is difficult to find a person, who is interested in what you really like.
  • Accompany woman to her home, after the each date (if she doesn’t object, this happens when a girl has, for example, do not end up with her previous relationships, or she has a very strict parents). Very often here happens the first kiss. You have spent a wonderful evening, you show that you care about the girl and take her home, she has a great fun romantic mood, and that’s when you say goodbye at the door of her house. This is the perfect moment for the first kiss. Just be attentive if the girl doesn’t mind it.
  • If you decide to take into account the interests of girls, it is better to decide together where to go on a first date, you can offer her a few options. At the same time, preparing the options, try to pick them up in such a way, so that you have the opportunity to accompany girl to her home. You will have the unique possibility to have a walk with the lady you like.
  • Smell nice. It can be the smell of a clean body, or a slight masculine perfume. The aroma should be slightly perceptible. Also advice to smokers: brush your teeth, wash your hands and forget smoking during the date. Many women can not stand the smell of tobacco.
  • Do not rush things, just be calm and patient. This is the best that can be advised for the first date. Nowadays, when everything happens very fast, everyone is trying to pull a girl into bed 20 minutes after the first cup of coffee. To say briefly, if you can cope without sex a couple of days, she will drag you into bed herself. Just get the pleasure of communicating with a beautiful girl.


Posted by Michael M. Bowling