Best way to meet Portsmouth singles – online speed dating

1fastdateThis article is aimed not only at people who already do speed dating in Portsmouth, but also at those who never thought they would do speed dating in general. It is the latest thing in online dating UK and we would like to let everyone know about it.

Basically, it is very much like the traditional Portsmouth speed dating events that you might have attended in the past. Every now and then, these speed dating sites organize one of these speed dating events and you can join them, usually for free. You only need your profile at the website and a webcam before you start doing online speed dating.

Then, much like with traditional speed dating, you get a certain amount of time with each of the members who are interested in meeting new people as well and you have a quick chat. We would advise you to keep things simple and to say a few interesting things about who you are and what your interests are. They will probably do the same. The reason why online speed dating is better than the ordinary one is, among other things, the fact that people get more relaxed when they are doing it online, which makes for much better chats and conversations.

Once that the event is over, you give your impressions to the people from the website and they check if there is a match with you and the ladies or the men that you have said you are interested in. If there is a match (and there usually will be), you are given their name and you can pursue the matter further.

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This is a fantastic way to meet singles from Portsmouth because a lot of the speed dating Portsmouth crowd has already found out about this and there are a lot of singles from this city and the area that are doing online speed dating.

Posted by Michael M. Bowling