5 Common Mistakes with Russian Women on a First Date


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The following article provides you with the top 5 common mistakes with Russian women on a first date. Avoiding them will help you to succeed in Russian ladies dating experience.

One of the common mistakes on the first meeting is inattention. Russian women never forgive inattention. Avoid these mistakes on any stage of relationship. Start with the simple etiquette rules: open the door in front of the lady, help her with the coat, pull the chair at the restaurant, let the lady order first, etc. These small things would be noticed by your Russian woman, and she will feel important for you.

Another mistake is obtrusiveness. The words “the less we love a woman, the more she likes us”, are relevant today as well. Don’t try to feel every spare minute of your Russian fiancé with your presence. Don’t call her or text many times during the day asking how she is. To call once is enough. Flowers and cards with little gifts are nice, but in measures. Don’t bombard her with tones of everything. Moderation is a golden rule.

Another commonly met mistake is indecision. Russian women are attracted to confident stable men, both financially and emotionally. Take the initiative; don’t be afraid of your desires. Don’t use phrases as ‘I don’t know’. ‘I am not sure’, etc. this will create an image of an indecisive man. Russian women like men, who know what they really want from life.

Boasting will never work with a Russian lady. It is natural to speak about yourself on a first date, but talking much of your possessions won’t impress a Russian girl, vice versa she will consider you a selfish man.

Never ever try to buy Russian woman’s attention. Many men believe that a very expensive gift or time spent into a luxurious place will create a great impression on a girl. In most of the cases the effect is the opposite as Russian ladies don’t want to “pay” for these expenses.

Posted by Michael M. Bowling