How to meet a girl of your dreams online

women-from-russiaAt some point in life every one of us experiences getting tired of dating. Endless trips to restaurants, night clubs and buying gifts – all of it is quite energy-consuming, needless to say it also costs a lot of money. And in most of the cases you end up emotionally and financially worn out without any result. If you are currently going through this kind of phase – it might be the right time to think about dating online. Continue reading

Are you looking for true love or do you want to stay single?

serious-relationshipAt Christmas, your parents say “ Where is your girlfriend/boyfriend”? Are you tired to hear this questions? Or they say “It is time to find a boyfriend, do you agree?! Or even “maybe it’s time to start a family , do not you think?”. We may not know what to say, and we are embarrassed because we can not have a serious relationship, but only escapades. Continue reading