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About Network Love

Who doesn’t like to travel the world? Especially if beautiful girls are waiting for you in every city. With Network Love dating blog, it becomes totally possible, and highly achievable.
Not only our blog describes women of all popular nationalities and ways to conquer them, but also enlightens all low-cost options for travelling. It’s indeed desirable and helpful.

In general, dating blogs appeared as phenomenon at the end of 90s, and keep on strengthening their positions since. It’s convenient for modern people to educate themselves on a distance.
Only rare personalities visit a family psychologist or a relationship therapist on a daily basis, while almost everyone needs assistance in matters of personal connections and love affairs.

meet foreign girls

This is what we do, help singles and couples to understand their needs better and find better solutions without wasting their time and money on visiting offline specialists and the road to them.
Modern people do not notice how fast the possibilities and technologies grow, it’s normal for us to have Wi-Fi in the airplane or listen to the music wirelessly. The same with love technologies as well.

It’s not so surprising anymore to meet foreign girls as easily as you meet locals, understand each other’s language with the help of software, build close connections and even families internationally.
The question is, are we willing to learn new things for the sake of our private happiness, and are we ready to change as quickly as new opportunities do? If the answer is yes, then success will come.

Single women and relationships date advice

Gorgeous and exotic girls from abroad are seductive for everyone, but it takes time to understand how to get in touch with them, how to attract them on a deeper level. There are helpful dating tips for that.
Eastern European brides, in particular, gained a huge popularity lately, but there is still a lack of knowledge about them which needs to be covered. They have numerous advantages and great values.

Dating them can be more challenging than dating Asian women for example, but much more rewarding. The main principle of a relationship with them is appreciating and respecting them.
Lots of men admit the most important consequence of Russian dating is self-education and self-perfection. It’s a very positive consequence and there are logical explanations for it.
Women in Russia genetically have a high IQ, zest for science and new knowledge, they are taught to constantly study something for increasing their income or training their brain.

exotic girls from abroad

They keep fit and healthy, remain youthful very long, read a lot, watch movies and documentaries with a deep meaning, and so on. No wonder their partner wants to reach the same level.
Dating Asian women, on another hand, is very relaxing. They are known for accepting a man as he is, admiring him just for being a westerner or just for having a character of a leader.

Top sites and apps for international dating


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Questions and answers

Which Eastern European country should I choose for dating?
Russia is a classical travel place to visit and to date in. Ukraine is even warmer and cheaper.

How to determine the real pictures of women?
It can be confirmed during the video chats, also ask her to send many casual photos.

How to determine the wife material woman?
She doesn’t provoke you sexually that much and asks you many questions about your daily life.

How to date safely on any platform?
Analyze each person you talk with, do not share too personal or bank info, do not send the money to strangers.

How to hookup upon the arrival?
Make it clear to the girl that you’re impatient by nature and like her too much.

How to choose the best girl on the site?
Trust your intuition, but also make sure this beauty is committed to spend time with you online.

What does it mean if a woman is online 24/7?
Maybe her phone is in the Wi-Fi zone and she doesn’t switch off the application, but if she is chatting all that time, make sure she isn’t a bot.

How to make sure a girl is honest?
Ask her directly about her plan after the relocation, whether she would still stay with you if you had to pay big alimonies or had some other debts.

How to succeed in international dating online?

Modern people consider themselves specialists in all kinds of online activities, simply because we got used to the Internet services so much. But online dating is more delicate than we usually think.
To start from the most essential, did you know that all people are divided into extraverts and introverts? They date in a completely different way, and it’s vital to know the difference.

In our era of computer games, freelance jobs, and electronic data, ninety five percent of women deal with the virtual reality and it reportedly increased the number of introverted women.
Asian women, for example, are by tradition very much involved into technologies, both for entertainment and for professional needs. As a result, they are more introverted than Europeans.

dreams and romantic

It means, they feel more comfortable doing online activities than sports or public relations in real life, but it’s because they have a deep emotional life and like accumulating this energy for dear people.
It’s easy to find Asian girls online 24/7, chat or correspond with them in detail, exchange photos endlessly, share each other’s dreams and romantic moods, they seem to never get tired of that.

But as true introverts, they are much shier offline, do not say things directly, and only laugh cutely on everything you say. It’s sweet in its own way of course, but a man should get used to that.
Russian women go next in the list of introverts, a half of them are great communicators and can sell ice to an Eskimo, but another half are quiet philosophers who like to read, and to enjoy visual beauty.
Such a type is called Turgenev girls, since they remind the heroines of Turgenev’s novels. They keep things deep inside, dream a lot, but cannot achieve much without a good man nearby.

dating an extraverted Russian girl

If dating an extraverted Russian girl is easy and resembles dating a western woman, then a relationship with a Turgenev girl from Eastern Europe definitely requires more knowledge.
However, it isn’t a problem if you’re reading best dating blogs regularly or if you’re a desperate romantic yourself. In these cases, your vibes will match and you’ll conquer a beautiful Russian bride.

Success stories about dating online

“I knew from the beginning that I am going to use dating apps mostly for finding a travel mate and exploring the world. I worked online on my own business so my schedule was very flexible.
I succeeded pretty soon, since the majority of girls preferred to meet a man in their own city first, instead of travelling to a stranger. Since they feel safer at their hometown, they are seduced easier.
It’s not that I am going to collect beautiful girls eternally, I surely want to meet a special one for life. But for now, those are just pleasant adventures called to compensate me all stresses in the past.
From this point of view, I find dating sites and blogs extremely helpful, and recommend the best of them to all single men from the west. Why from the west? Because there is a lack of high quality women”.

high quality women

“After I registered on a dating site and started seeing beautiful girls in different countries, my life has changed a lot. I was shocked, in a good way, by all the positive experience I gained since.
It appeared that I was a so-called loser and an ugly duck only from western women’s point of view who are spoiled and manipulative. Asian women and Russian women considered me very nice.
I was reading a pure admiration in their eyes, and I knew it wasn’t for profiting from me. They were truly proud of my achievements and attracted by my appearance, which I considered average.
I found so many new friends and honestly, a few lovers too. My self-confidence as a man, literally skyrocketed and I think I found my soul mate too. The time will show.
In any case, I am happy I took a risk with all those dating sites and girls, and my life would be miserable like before, without this super positive experience. I was literally born again”.

What are good questions to ask an introverted girl online?

• What is your favorite video game or online activity?
• What is your biggest talent and how did you discover it?
• What kind of person could become your best friend?
• Do you have your favorite place for drinks in your city? Describe it.
• What is your way to make a house a home?
• How much personal space and how many common hobbies with your man do you need?
• Would you make love every night or more rarely?
• What kind of resorts help you relax better, beaches or mountains?
• What are you planning to take with you if you relocate?
• Do you consider yourself a faithful person?

What are good first date questions?

• What was one of your goals that you have achieved?
• What is your favorite food, to eat and to cook?
• What was the most touching movie you have ever watched?
• Which drink brings you to a romantic mood?
• What are some of your beauty secrets if you care to tell?
• Who is your closest family member and why?
• Where would you like to spend your honeymoon if possible?
• Do you like a lot of jewelry and makeup or a natural look?
• Do you think a man should be your protector and all-time supporter?
• What would you say to my family if you met them?

How to travel the world dating different girls?

The Internet wins over nowadays, and we all know that. People find more convenient and exciting studying on a distance, working online, dating worldwide. Somehow, we reject the old ways.
But there is always the first step towards these modern methods, and beginners want to know how to make it. First of all, believe in your possibilities, in your freedom to do what you want.

Once you change your inner settings, and broaden your views, you will find a way to travel more and meet new people. Some of single men already do this for business, so why not for sex and love?
Even those who are attached tight to their local jobs and projects, can find solutions for living brighter. For example, girls can be invited to a man’s country and town instead of his trips to them.

dating worldwide

Yet, dating specialists and business experts suggest to all people change their lifestyle to a more flexible one, along with their working schedule and schemes of vacations. Just become more modern!
Start from the cheapest preparations even if you can’t travel right now. Get an inexpensive suitcase, several sets of comfortable casual clothes for the trips, get all your documents and bank cards in order.

A pack of snacks, an umbrella, an extra charger, anything that can be in use, should be equipped in advance because it strengthens your believe that you will travel and meet beautiful models soon.
The rest will come with time and experience. Just do not give up the wish to change, improve, be pro-active in finding new ways, and gaining new knowledge. You will date as many beauties as you like.